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SeeNet is a network of local authorities from Italy and South Eastern Europe that collaborate in a three-year Programme of decentralised cooperation in order to strengthen the governance skills of involved territories and promote sustainable local development.

The Programme focuses on the consolidation of long-term partnership between the two shores of the Adriatic Sea and on the support to the integration process in the European Union of South-East European countries. Furthermore, the Programme intends to establish an integrated system of decentralised cooperation in Italy aimed at promoting the development of innovative local policies.

SeeNet promotes the development of innovative local policies respecting the needs of territories through 9 interventions that range from the enhancement of intangible cultural heritage and the strengthening of tourism services and promotion to the consolidation of the production system of small and medium enterprises, from the promotion of farm holiday centres to the support to the institutional decentralisation process and sustainable territorial planning.

To support the European integration process, SeeNet involves all network partners in several joint actions that contribute to increase the ability to access EU pre-accession funds, inform and report on South-East European context in depth, promote the research oriented to the improvement of local development governance and strengthen partnerships among South-East European local authorities

SeeNet involves more than 60 partners. Coordinated by the Tuscany Region, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-funded by all Italian partner Regions, Seenet Programme involves in Italy: the Regions of Emilia-Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Piedmont and the Autonomous Province of Trento and, in South-Eastern Europe, 46 local authoritiesseveral technical partners from both sides of the Adriatic Sea and the managing bodies of the programme. from: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, besides

The strategy of SeeNet Programme is based on the idea of partnership and sharing of goals of the actions proposed. From this point of view, it represents a chance of development for the institutions of both sides of the Adriatic Sea.

In order to strengthen the governance skills and adapt experiences of good practices to the their own territories, partners are encouraged to interact on similar issues through a same-level communication between Italian and South-East European institutions. Indeed, partner local authorities in Italy are asked to capitalise their best practices and competences and, by working in synergy, share them with South-East European partners. In this way, the enhanced interventions will be those that are integrated and sustainable in the time, able to have system impacts that amplify the effects of the single project initiatives.

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