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SeeNet Programme A trans-local network for the cooperation between Italy and South-Eastern Europe
Horizontal Action: A. Institutional Building
Horizontal Action: B. Information and publication
Horizontal Action: C. Research
Horizontal Action: D. Local Authorities organisation
Vertical Action: 1.A Joint promotion and enhancement of cultural, environmental and historical heritage between Istra and Varaždin
Vertical Action: 1.B Development of cultural tourism in the towns of Mostar, Sarajevo and Skopje
Vertical Action: 2.A Enhancement of local resources for the development of rural tourism in the regions of Herzegovina and Dubrovnik
Vertical Action: 2.B Development of farm holiday centres in the mountain areas of BiH
Vertical Action: 2.C Enhancement of environmental tourism in the territories of Shkoder, Nis, Kraljevo, Niksic and Peja/Pec
Vertical Action: 3.A “Trans-growth” Business promotion for the trans-national growth of integrated local production systems
Vertical Action: 3.B Strengthening of the small and medium enterprises system in the areas of Zenica-Doboj, Herzegovina-Neretva, Sumadija-P...
Vertical Action: 4.A Support to the strategic planning: start-up of pilot initiatives on territorial and environmental planning
Vertical Action: 4.B Support to social planning